What are the properties of buriti oil for hair?

There is exceptionally valuable oil dedicated for hair care and it is obtained from the moriche palm. The plant grows in the South Asia, including India and The Malay Peninsula. Buriti oil, because that is the name of oil we are talking about, is being extracted from fruits with the diameter of 7.9 in. On the inside of every coconut are tree seeds. What are the properties of buriti oil?

All oils extracted from seeds of palm trees have solid consistency and in a room temperature become soft and melt easily. If stored in the fridge, it hardens. Buriti oil for hair is obtained in the process of cold pressing of pulp or seeds of the moriche palm fruits. In cosmetology, this oil is used as a specific with oily and regenerative properties for damaged epidermis. This cosmetic has also beneficial influence on hair and scalp. What is truly interesting is that practically all parts of tree are being used: wood in the construction industry, pulp and juice in the food industry and flowers are sold as a decoration.

Buriti oil contains plenty of valuable ingredients that take care of hair and scalp condition. Among those substances we can enumerate: fatty acids (oleic, lauric, palmitic, stearic and linoleic) and antioxidants. All the substances take care of proper hydration of epidermis and condition of streaks. They regulate work of sebaceous glands, provide scalp with natural pH and prevent bacteria proliferation and yeast-like fungus responsible for dandruff. What is more, those substances repair damaged epidermis, calm irritations and strengthen hair bulbs. Buriti oil protects hair against harmful influence of factors from external world. Therefore, it protects scalp and hair against sun radiation, air pollution, freezing wind, ingredients causing dryness in some washing and cleansing cosmetics. On top of that, it restores split ends, provides smoother, moisturises and nourishes.

How should you apply buriti oil? Cosmetic can be applied on hair ends, scalp or the entire hair length. Its use includes application on wet and dry hair. Small amount of oil administer on hair and/or scalp. To boost and improve action of nourishing substances, put on a plastic cap or a towel. You can also perform scalp massage to improve blood circulation and stimulate follicles to more effective work. After approximately an hour, rinse buriti oil with delicate shampoo (without SLS) and finish treatment with application of leave-in conditioner or few drops of cosmetic oil.