The moriche palm is a tropical plant, common for regions of Asia. From its fruits, large coconuts in hard shell, is being extracted cosmetic oil. This product is dedicated for skin care of body and face as well as hair and scalp. What is more, it contains a lot of valuable ingredients, among many: antioxidants, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Buriti oil should be stored in cold and dark place. Natural cosmetic is cold pressed and unrefined. It usually has solidified form, but heated above 25°C becomes liquid.

Buriti oil - effects of treatment.

Regular use of buriti oil can visibly change hair and scalp condition. It has positive influence on appearance of face and body. Applied on split ends regenerates, restores and moisturises them. It prevents further damages and strengthens hair and hair bulbs. On top of that, it ensures smoother, moisture and nourishment. This oil makes even wild streaks easier in stylisation, combing and drying. Buriti oil protects hair against sun radiation, pollution, chlorinated and salty water, but also some harmful ingredients contained in hair dyes. Cosmetic is great in protection of streaks against often hair treatments and hot air from devices an gadgets used by hair stylists. What is more, buriti oil regenerates damaged scalp, prevents dandruff and dryness of hair.

Buriti oil - application.

To achieve enumerated effects, buriti oil must be applied in a right way. Just few drops of this cosmetic administer on clean and damp hair; small amount apply also on the scalp. After about an hour (people who perform hair oil treatment on the daily bases can leave it for the entire night) rinse oil with delicate shampoo. To finish the treatment, you can apply some leave-in hair conditioners on hair ends.

Did you know that...

The moriche palm is a source of more than just cosmetic oil. It is common to use also other parts of this tree. On the base of its juice is being produced palm sugar and palm wine. Pulp of the fruits is ingested in the raw form. Wood is used for furniture and boats and leaves for hats. What is more, its flowers are sold as an interior decoration.

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