Buriti oil’s most powerful rival. You’ll be taken aback by the argan oil effect!

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Buriti oil means power of vitamins for hair which has low porosity and… only this type of hair actually. If your hair looks bad after you apply buriti, it means your tresses have different porosity, not low porosity which is quite rare. In this case, buriti oil won’t bring any benefits. The other way round, it may cause damage to hair, trigger frizzy flyaways and simply make your hair look worse. To provide your hairdo with adequate care, choose an oil holding healthier fatty acids than buriti oil filled with saturated acids. There’s an ideal which suits all hair types: low, medium and high porosity hair. I’m speaking of argan oil. Do you know it belongs to the group of the best beauty oils worldwide? The secret is picking the one of the highest quality.

Why buriti oil stacks up poorly compared to argan oil?

Buriti oil isn’t flawless. It’s not even close to being ideal. This oil is pretty heavy and has lots of saturated fatty acids whereas argan has a perfect balance of unsaturated omega fatty acids.

Buriti is condensed and needs heating before application. Used for blonde hair, it is likely to cause discoloration so it shouldn’t be overused. This, in turn, means the repair time gets extended so buriti will never be as effective as argan oil. Also, buriti oil may have a comedogenic effect on skin so be careful not to use it too often.

Discover an oil which is better than buriti!

Argan oil means skin and hair care extra-class. An all-purpose oil which works well for color-treated, aging, fair-color, gray, dull, dry, oily or normal hair. It is an amazing scalp care product which keeps hair from falling out, improves the structure of hair, strengthens follicles and adds volume.

It’s not just hairdressers’ favorite, though. Argan oil is extremely popular as an antiaging face serum and anti-cellulite massage oil which also helps eliminate stretch marks.

Argan oil has a beneficial effect on the nail plate too, acting as a nourishing nail serum.

To enjoy all argan oil benefits, you must choose the top-quality one. Reach for the top-notch beauty oil, that is Nanoil argan oil. It is one of the best-selling natural cosmetics.

best argan oil for hair

Nanoil Argan Oil must-know:

Hair type: all
Scalp type: all
Properties: moisturizing, nourishing, repairing, protective effect
Formula: light, semi-fluid, organic oil
Container: chemist dark glass bottle, dropper
Size: 50 ml (1.69 oz)
Price: adequate to quality, affordable
The most important ingredients: ideal proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, a high concentration of vitamin E, phytosterols, flavonoids, natural sunscreen

Nanoil argan oil is an exceptional beauty product which has a surprisingly high, Ecocert-approved quality. It is among the best-selling beauty oils getting great reviews. You’re going to appreciate its versatility because it isn’t suitable only for hair care. It has a brilliant effect on face, body, nails, as well as makes up an ideal base for homemade cosmetics. You’re going to create awesome DIY treatments and mixtures with this argan oil!

How to use Nanoil argan oil?

There are endless ways and your imagination is the only limit.

  • solo: apply it directly to skin, hair, nails
  • carrier oil for essential oils
  • anti-cellulite and firming massage oil
  • deep hair oil treatment, mask, hair ends serum
  • a repairing post-sun or post-shave oil
  • a highly concentrated serum to improve the looks of under-eye skin
  • make-up removing oil for OCM blend
  • a nail and cuticle repairing conditioner
  • addition to masks, scrubs, hair conditioners and body lotions
  • base for all kinds of DIY cosmetics

There are even more properties and surprising facts about Nanoil argan oil so go to nanoil.us/argan-oil

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